Lirik dan Chord Guitar Last Child - Memories Of You

Lirik, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Last Child - Memories Of You :
Intro: D G E A 2x

D              G
I see the childis part of me
E               A
When I start losing my mine of You
D            G
And I try to runaway from You
E               A
To hit back what You have done to me


G       A          D
And someday You will know the truth
G        A         D
You see me walk with someone new
G       A      D      B
Seemslike Yesterday when You get to hurt me
  G            A                    D
Make me dying with all my lonelynase who try to killing me


       D                G
I still remember all the memories betwen You and me
 E                      A
I do every crazy thing it just to make me, You happy
F#m                       B
But know I'm not affraid to hurt by someone else
   G             A                      D
And I'm laughing if I remember learn to smoking when your gone

Intro: D G E A 2x

D            G
I never guess to be like this
E            A
Feel nasty when You give me a kiss
 D          G
And I brake my world around of You
E          A
From deeply I wanna said F**k You

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Interlude: D G E A 2x

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