Freeware Player, Video dan Audio Capture

Freeware Player, Video dan Audio Capture
ALShow lets you easily and conveniently watch videos without worrying about codecs – they’re already included in ALShow! You can download here.
ALShow Codec Center helps install needed codecs
ALShow includes all the most popular codecs and a lot more less popular codecs, so you can play almost any video easily and conveniently without hunting around the Internet for hours. And even in the rare case when you need another codec to play a video, ALShow can automatically install many of them for you, or help you to find, download, and install them. Watching videos has never been easier than with ALShow.
Loop video segments for repeat playback
Place start and end markers in your video to watch segments over and over. You can even set the number of loops or choose to allow infinite looping.
Add bookmarks and comments
You can insert named bookmarks along with detailed comments. Bookmarks let you quickly quickly navigate to positions inside movies while the detailed comments let you leave a message there whenever you click a bookmark. Doesn’t “Car Chase” sound a bit easier than “00:48:32″?
Powerful captions and subtitles
Change the size, font, style, color, and position of captions, then add text effects to suit your style. You can even adjust caption timings for synchronizations that are perfect for you.
Convenient image adjustments
In addition to the regular brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, ALShow lets you move the picture around inside the display area, and even out of the display area. And easy changes for full screen modes, resizing and aspect ratios make ALShow ideal for everyone from seasoned video professionals to small children watching their favorite videos on a rainy Saturday.
All popular media formats supported, and then some extras
Watch movies in AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, VOB, WMV, ASF, ASX and many more formats. ALShow supports 24 different file formats so that you can watch any video you want. You can even watch videos and movies in full 5.1 surround sound for a rich 3D listening experience. And with streaming formats also supported, you can watch videos, movies, and TV directly on the Internet.
User customizable environment settings
Various customizable options like process priority (CPU) and audio normalization let you control ALShow specifically for your PC, letting you get the best experience possible.
Designed for comfort and ease
Extra conveniences like auto-powering off your computer, a favorites manager, and convenient playlist all come together to offer you the most convenient video player that money just can’t buy! (ALShow is FREE!)

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